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Scenario Year 4

What happens in Year 4

  • The projects and the missions that were started last year remain active but the requested number of FTE's change, depending on the status of the projects

  • In the bank there is 1 new opportunity that is presented to all suppliers.

  • In the bank there is another new opportunity, but due to the ‘confidential’ character of the mission, this information was not spontaneously shared with all  suppliers. Only the suppliers who spent time on the 'Prospecting' activity last year were told it and only they can participate in this mission.

  • In the leasing company there are 3 large new opportunities that are presented to all suppliers.



  • CLV: The KAM is by his own company not only evaluated on the number of FTE's sold and PROFIT, but as of this year the Customer Lifetime Value is incorporated. Actions that do not influence sales results immediate, but which will increase the customers’ values are also positively evaluated.

Actions to take by each supplier:

  • Decide what opportunities interest you most. (consider profiles, #FTE, Profit, retention, bank/leasing)

  • Determine the Preferences the manager in charge of the targeted opportunities would have. (consider the difference Banking – Leasing)
  • Decide what actions you want to take to influence the CLV
  • Take a number of actions that further align your Value Proposition towards the expected Buying Preferences of the customer.  Since each action take a number of days to executed, and the time you can spend on the customer is limited to 5 actions.

Opportunities Year 4

New Opportunities are added in Red



Mobile Banking : FTE = 50


Integration: Technical Integration (*NEW*)

The IT platforms of the bank and the leasing company need to be integrated to generate synergies. Technical teams start this year with the first integrations. (Workload is shifted from 'Study' to 'Work Phase')
FTE = 100

Integration: Technical Study : FTE = 40



New Contact Point (*NEW*) => BUT : "Confidential"; meaning it is only shared if supplier has done 'active' prospecting

The Banking audience is changing rapidly. The success of the mobile applications has drawn a lot of customers away from the branches & brick & mortar agencies. People now only consult the agencies in case of very specialised questions. Strategic decisions must be made on 'how to attract the customers of the future.

FTE = 30

Strategic Program Follow Up : FTE = 10

Big Data : FTE = 50

Legislation : FTE = 40


Co-creation (*NEW*)

Our leasing company is recognized as 'premium brand', goal is to co-create solutions with premium good suppliers and to put this in the market as a new 'packaged' solution.
Help is needed to create & launch this new strategic offer.

FTE = 75

Integration: Business Study : FTE = 40



Disintegration Ruling (*NEW)

Economic evolution force financial institutions to modify their business model
Corporate banking activities need to be fully separated from Retail banking activities
This disintegration makes a fully separated IT infrastructure mandatory.
The knowledge part is managed and followed up by internal bank people, but supporting hands of external IT resources are needed.

FTE = 75

Hybrid products : FTE = 15

​Terrorism : FTE = 120


Globalisation back-offices & Outsourcing :

The project started last year and outsourcing proved to be a success.

For that reason the activity is continued and doubled in size this year.

FTE = 160



Outsourcing : FTE = 150

​Homeworking :FTE = 75


Mondialisation of Leasing offers  (*NEW*)

As all multinationals require worldwide leasing solutions, the branches distributed over the globe need to be integrated on information flows and product offer.
To implement this , the leasing company is looking for productspecialists in technical solutions & setups.
The leasing company has already created a 'standardized' 'Product Catalogue' , but the 'Tools' and the 'Back End' processes need to be aligned.
Goal for the client is that this will lead to internal cost saves and reduced complexity

FTE = 150

Actions Year 4

Take a number of actions that further align your Value Proposition towards the expected Buying Preferences of the customer.
Since each action takes time, you can select maximum 5 to execute this year.


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