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Key Account Management

- The Business Game -

You are a Key Account Manager (KAM) at a large Service Provider.

Your company provides services varying between placement of people with various profiles (eg project managers, programmers, product specialists, …), total project delivery and outsourcing of total business activities.

Your major customer is a worldwide provider of financial services, who sees some major changes that will impact his business coming the next years .

To face these challenges, they ask their 'Preferred Suppliers' for help.

Each year you and the KAMs of your competitors will be invited to a meeting where the customer explains their short and long term expectations, the actions they plan to take,  and the opportunities on which they need help from their suppliers.

After the meeting you are asked for feedback.

Depending on how your feedback matches the expectations of the customer, a larger or smaller Share of Wallet per opportunity will be assigned to you.


GOAL of the game: Maximize your relation with your customer.


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