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Scenario Year 3

What happens in Year 3
The existing projects and missions remain active but the requested number of FTE's change, depending on the status of the projects

  • Decide what opportunities interest you most. (consider: profiles, #FTE, profit) 

  • There is 1 new opportunity that is presented to all suppliers. BUT since it is a short term mission (1.5Year) the customer will only contract 1 supplier for this project. 

  • There is another new opportunity, but due to the ‘confidential’ character of the mission, this information was not spontaneously shared with all suppliers. Only the suppliers who spent time on the 'Prospecting' activity last year were told about it and only they can participate in this mission.

  •  Your customer (the bank) has taken over a leasing company. The managers you are in contact with at the bank, have become now also responsible for a number of new projects within this leasing company.  As this is a new environment for these managers, it will reflect in their buying preferences, meaning: their buying preferences at the bank and in the leasing company will be different, and in their new responsibilities they will be more risk averse


  • RETENTION: on opportunities that run more than 1 year, the customer does not want to replace all resource. Depending on the purchasing type of the opportunity, a certain part of resources will automatically be extended with the same supplier

  • PROFIT: The KAM is by his own company not only evaluated on the number of FTE's sold, but also on the PROFIT he is generating.


Actions to take by each supplier:

  • Decide what opportunities interest you most. (consider profiles, #FTE, Profit)

  • Determine the Preferences the manager in charge of the targeted opportunities would have. (consider the difference Banking – Leasing)

  • Take a number of actions that further align your Value Proposition towards the expected Buying Preferences of the customer.  Since each action takes time to executed, and the time you can spend on the customer is limited, you can select maximum 5 actions.

Opportunities Year 3

New Opportunities are added in Red



Mobile Banking: FTE = 100


Integration: Technical Study (*NEW*)

An in depth analysis of technical architecture compatibility is requested.

FTE = 100



Legislation (*NEW*)

=> Confidential will only be shared if supplier did 'active' prospecting

A disruptive government lawsuit is expected.
To avoid problems, a worldwide screening of the business activities is needed. Seen the strategic importance of this matter only specialists will be accepted to work on this opportunity.

FTE = 15

Strategic Program Follow Up: FTE = 20

​Big Data: FTE = 30


Integration: Business Study (*NEW*)

The leasing activity was not a strong activity in the past. Top management has decided that the best way to accomplish a quick growth is a merger.

Strategic, short term advice on how strategies of both companies should be aligned is requested.

The requested advise will decrease over the next years.

FTE = 35

Actions Year 3



Hybrid products (*NEW*)

New market entrants are launching hybrid electronic banking products that can become dominating in the market. Eg by adding non-traditional banking services onto a banking cards.
The bank has to act very quickly by changing all payment cards of all their customers => they look for a partner who can deliver.
This opportunity will be assigned to 1 supplier.

FTE = 30

Terrorism: FTE = 120


Globalisation back-offices & Outsourcing  (*NEW*)

In the banking activity the customer had a good experiences with the outsourcing of non-strategical activities.
As significant cost reductions were achieved with this, they want to see if the same advantages are possible in Leasing. But the leasing activity is very decentralised and before outsourcing can be put in the picture, all the de-localised leasing back-offices need to be centralised. The centralisation & globalisation of back-offices will be a labour intensive opportunity.

FTE = 150



Outsourcing: FTE = 65


All large corporations are promoting that they take their 'social responsiblility' seriously and as one of the actions they are implementing & promoting "homeworking". Claire also wants to jump on this wagon by launching a project on it. This project is followed by top management and is seen as 'important but not urgent'.

FTE = 100

When all suppliers have SUBMITTED their answers, the client will compare them and provide the RESULTS.


See impact of your decisions

Market Analysis




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