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Key Account Management

A Serious Business Game

for Key Account Managers

Our Offer

We provide a Training Solution that translates the most important theoretical models related to Sales in the real world of the Key Account Manager.
This training incorporates proven models and theories and applies them in a fun & interactive manner.

The outcome of this course

  • learn how customers select their suppliers

  • understand customer buying strategies, and how to react on them

  • learn to develop relationships with customers and stakeholders in a competitive environment

  • learn to measure and manage the value of your customer relationships.

Focus of the training:

1. Key Account Management

Selecting Key Accounts and understand the Key Account Management process

2. From Value Discipline to Buying Behaviour

How your company profiling influences the buying behaviour of your customers

3. Value Management

Compelling customer value propositions through value co-creation.

Via the Game, insight is given on ...

Key Account Management

How to segment and further develop the relation with key accounts.

After this session the participants will:

  • know what the stages are in developing key account relationships

  • know how to select key accounts based on their attractiveness

  • know how to grow key accounts

From Value Discipline to Buying Behaviour

How customers determine what supplier they prefer to work with.

After this session the participants will:

  • know how a company profile is created based on internal Value Disciplines.

  • know how customers perceive Value Propositions

  • know how perception is matched with the customer’s Buying Preferences leading to signed contracts and a Share of Wallet.

Value Management

What is value from a customer’s perspective and how to contribute to creating value for your customers, leading to mutual gain.

After this session the participants will:

  • understand that 1 customer can have multiple buying strategies.

  • know how to recognize the different strategies and act upon them

  • understand the characteristics of each strategy and be able to target

  • know how value can be determined

  • know how customer lifetime value can be calculated and influenced

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Key Account Management Game

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